The Mayans knew the wheel

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Many images are circulating about the Maya that are not right. A famous rumor is that the Maya did not have the wheel. That is a misconception because there are many objects with wheels that were found are made by the Maya.
The wheel is seen as an important invention for the development of humanity. That is too bad to fall. The Maya were able to build an advanced society without the wheel, while it was aware of the characteristics of the wheel. The reason that Maya did not use the wheel, according to historians lies in the fact that they live in very mountainous areas. A car pulling into a mountain top is now even a whole company. The caravan is not recommended for a mountain ride. Often it is even forbidden because there are too many accidents.

The Maya used llamas as pack animals. This contributed to the harvest of arable land to the city. In mountainous areas of Europe donkeys were used as pack animals. High in the mountains, farmers will not easily be tempted to use a cart on wheels. Because of gravity, a vehicle bewield show always tends to seek the lowest point. Historians have this physical truth long overlooked and concluded that the Maya were not very smart because they knew the wheel. The Mayans knew the wheel and did not used it but, there are also academic historians who do not use their heads.

The wheel of the Maya comes in all kinds of ‘toys’. It has been found that small objects, thought to be a toy. The objects tell a story. There are articles of bewielde animals, human figures and spaceship-like figures. The Maya knew stories about people who understood the art of flying. If you can fly you have no wheels. This is one possible reason that no wheel using Maya. All other people had stories of flying machines in ancient times. Among historians, there is a big disagreement. Some historians say that all stories of the Celts, Scandinavians, Chinese, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Japanese, Tibetans, and many African nations have myths about flying gods. Other historians believe that ancient peoples really mastered the art of flying.

The main wheel of the Maya we know is the Calendar wheel. The fact that a circle indicates that the Maya knew much about the circulation of the planets. The Maya were the emergence of stars and planets are calculated. The Maya could also calculate solar and lunar eclipses in the future. The Maya went far ahead of modern civilization. It is still difficult for scientists to swallow that the Maya were smarter than most of the people today.